Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Site of Ford Village Municipal Building

Wyandotte, Michigan
1854 Wyandotte Village   |   Ford City   |   Glenwood & Mt. Carmel   |   South Wyandotte



I. Site of Ford Village Municipal Building, Demolished 1991
Architecturally significant as an example of early 20th century Neoclassical inspired civic architecture and as the work of Detroit architect J.G. Kastler. Historically significant of one of the few visible reminders of the village of Ford, which prospered under strong local leadership, associated with the commercial concerns.

After annexation of Ford City to Wyandotte in 1922, the building was converted to fire protection and city offices. Wyandotte discontinued use as a fire station in 1972, loaning the building to the Wyandotte Community Theater. In 1991 the building was demolished, severing the relationship to an important part of Wyandotte’s past.

After being demolished, the Wyandotte Historical Society retained the name stone with words “Fire Station #2” and placed a marker on the site.

Listed on the State Register of Historic Sites 12/20/1989.