Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Oakwood Cemetery

Wyandotte, Michigan
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A. Oakwood Cemetery, established 1854
When Wyandotte was founded in 1854 this area north of the city border was designated as a burying ground. Legal and formal plotting of Wyandotte’s first cemetery did not occur until the land was formally gifted by the Clark family in 1869. Many prominent figures are buried here. Several tombstones have inscriptions in German, reflecting the heritage of some of Wyandotte’s earliest settlers.

South of the cemetery where the police station stands today, is the site of the Wyandotte City Cemetery, also referred to as the “South City Cemetery”. Eureka Iron Works owned this land, but designated to use it for public burials. When the land was later sold, families were forced to move remains elsewhere. One gravestone remained, but this has since been removed.

There is a very good chance that human remains are still on the site.