Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Site of 1st City Hall

Wyandotte, Michigan
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7. Willow Tree and Site of 1st City Hall (1880-1935)
On this site from 1880-1935 stood Wyandotte’s first City Hall, fire station, library, and jail. When the City Hall moved several blocks north in 1936, several drugstores operated here, before the building was converted for use as the Willow Tree store.

The building is architecturally unique with an Art Deco facade, with raised panels and inset stones, and slightly higher parapet over the angled north-east entrance. The Art Deco facade on this building is harmonious with the original Art Moderne facade on the Wyandotte Theater, adjacent to the north-west.

An interior passageway on the first floor connects this clothing store to the gallery to the south.