Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Site of J.H. Bishop Company

Wyandotte, Michigan
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69. Site of J.H. Bishop Company, fur products, 1875-1920s
Jerome H. Bishop built a fur products factory in 1875 that exported its products throughout the world. The first available Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from 1890 has the title “Bishop Fur Rug Factory” and shows buildings on the SE corner of Superior and Front St. A later Sanborn map from 1912 shows these facilities greatly expanded, with the name “The JH Bishop Co, Mfgrs of Fur and Fur Lined Coats, Caps and Robes.”

Bishops house was conveniently located 1 block to the west on the NE corner of Biddle and Superior. After his death, his house served as the 2nd City Hall from 1936-1967 before being demolished to make way for an apartment tower on the site.

In 1922 the City of Wyandotte acquired the land that Bishop’s factory was located on and created Bishop Park.