Wyandotte Interactive Tour / Bishop Park

Wyandotte, Michigan
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68. Bishop Park, 1922 and later additions
The American Legion clubhouse in the middle of Bishop Park separates the area to the north where J.H. Bishop had a fur products factory, and the block to the south that once had several mixed-use buildings.

In the area to the north were located some of Wyandotte’s first houses, including Bolton House built in 1855, Wyandotte’s first hospital, and the Wyandotte Sanitarium built in 1899.

The dock at the foot of Oak St was the municipal dock used by boats furnishing daily scheduled trips on the Detroit River. A passenger vessel, the “Wyandotte” was a favorite way to travel to and from Detroit.

The tour could conceivably end here, by showing off Wyandotte’s beautiful river-front parks, one of many features that makes Wyandotte a wonderful place to raise a family, and to live, work, and play today, but by stopping here we would leave the most important part of Wyandotte’s story incomplete.