Wyandotte Interactive Tour / St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

Wyandotte, Michigan
1854 Wyandotte Village   |   Ford City   |   Glenwood & Mt. Carmel   |   South Wyandotte

18. St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, 1st Building 1857, Current Sanctuary 1873, School 1906
Wyandotte’s first Catholic congregation has continuously occupied this site since 1857. Originally called the parish of St Charles Borommeo, this was a parish church of St. Francis Xavier out of Ecorse.

The original church building was constructed by church parishioners who after they completed their daily work, dug clay from the river and made bricks for the church by hand.

The name was changed to St. Patrick’s in 1885 to recognize the growing number of parishioners of Irish descent who displaced the native French to the area.

Work on the present church began in 1871 making it the oldest 19th century church remaining in Wyandotte. The first building was removed in 1873 to set the brick foundation for the current structure.

Architectural features include brick quoins at the corner, gable roof with cross gable, belt course under the 1st and 3rd story windows, and round arched doorways. Crosses are at the peak of gable parapets and the roof has slate shingles.

The original building was remodeled at the same time that the new school was built in 1906. The central transept tower was removed then put on front of the building. The new school building had the first auditorium in Wyandotte.

Wyandotte Historical Society plaque accepted April 29, 1992.

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