Interactive Downtown Albion / 304 South Superior Street

Historical Name: n/a
Street Address: 
304 S. Superior Street
Block Name: 
Banking Block
Building Date:
Arch. Style: 
Commercial Italianate

Architectural Description
Two-story brick building with a dentiled corbel table. This building has been greatly modified, and carries a mansard addition that envelopes the second story and projects over the sidewalk. The windows of the second floor project out and are capped by heavy, stylized pediment moldings.

Historical Information
Built by Marvin and George Hannah in 1856, the first floor was the site of their “M. Hannahs & Son” banking house. In 1858 the Hannah’s sold the bank to their bookkeeper James Sheldon. Sheldon reorganized it into the Albion Exchange Bank. When Sheldon died in 1894, his partner Eugene Robertson reorganized the bank into the Albion State Bank. While the State Bank, it expanded into the storefront to the north.