Interactive Downtown Albion / 200-202 South Superior Street

Historical Name: n/a
Street Address:
 200-202 S. Superior Street
Block Name:
 Callahan Block
Building Date:
Arch. Style:
 Commercial Italianate

Architectural Description
Three-story, two store front, brick building with arched second and third floor windows. Four oculus windows, currently closed in, are found on the first story, north elevation.

Historical Information

In 1853 Marvin and George Hannah operated Albion’s first bank and a tannery at this location, “M. Hannahs and Son.” The building they occupied became known as the Hannahs Block. Several other businesses were included on the Hannahs Block including Dalrymple & Clay, T.J. Pray, and the Albion Union Herald newspaper on the second floor. They moved the bank in 1856.  In 1867 a fire swept through the building so in 1869 the Callahan Block was built on this site.