Interactive Downtown Albion / 113-115 North Superior Street

Historical Name: n/a
Street Address:
 113-115 N. Superior Street
Block Name:
Building Date:
Arch. Style: 
Commercial building

Architectural Description
A two-story brick building with a corbel cornice. Segmental arch windows are paired in recessed panels. The building is built over the Kalamazoo River and is supported by steel and concrete piers. Built by Fred Schumacher, the south half in 1904 and the north half in 1906.

Historical Information
This is one of several business built over the Kalamazoo River. Dan Seeley shared a story with me that was passed on to him by some local residents. During the flood of 1908 one of these buildings was a jewelry store. The flood detached the building from the bridge and contents of the building spilt into the river. For the next several months, area kids dove into the river to try to retrieve some coins and jewelry.