Interactive Downtown Albion / 101-109 North Superior Street

Historical Name: Parker-Kessler Block
Street Address:
 101-109 N. Superior Street
Block Name:
 Parker-Kessler Block
Building Date:
Arch. Style: 
Commercial block

Architectural Description
This two-story, rounded corner building is topped by a corbel cornice. Beneath the cornice is a string course made up of two courses of headers in a checkered pattern. Flat stone lintels cap the windows which are set singularly in pairs. The upstairs windows are one-over-one with single light transom windows above. The windows and transom windows rest on stone sills. These sills form a running string course on the south and east elevations. Number 109 is entered through a single glass door set in the curved corner. This curved corner entrance to 101 features glass block door surrounds, which appear to have been added in the 1940’s or early 1950’s. A segment of the building projects over the Kalamazoo river and is supported by steel and concrete piers.

Historical Information
The corner at Superior and Cass Streets was occupied by the offices of the Gale Manufacturing Company from 1863 until 1888 when it built a new, much larger plant on S. Albion Street. Gale produced a full line of farm implements including the Gale plow, know worldwide for excellence. The vacated plant was purchased by the newly organized Albion Malleable Iron Company, now a division of Hayes-Albion Corp, and was occupied by the Malleable until 1898 when a modern plant was erected on N. Albion Street.The flood of 1908 removed the northern section of this building, and it had to be reconstructed at that time. More recent occupants have included Knuth and Reed furniture stores.