Interactive Downtown Albion / Corner Park

Historical Name: Corner Park
Site Location:
 N. Superior and Michigan
Block Name:

Site Description
Located in Corner Park, a vest-pocket park. The statue, which depicts a foundry worker pouring a ladle of molten metal, was designed by Edward Chesney and cast in 1974 by Frederick Petrucci. It is a copy of a statue by Frederick Hibbard in 1922, but this statue used a local model, John Passmore, a long time employee of Albion Malleable Iron, based on a photograph of him that appeared in the Battle Creek Inquirer. The park is landscaped with grass and shrubbery.

Historical Information
The 9-foot high “American Molder” statue was presented to the city by Mr. and Mrs. Collins L. Carter as a tribute to the many foundry workers throughout the community. The 1,700 pound sculpture in a pleasant park-like setting, was unveiled in a colorful 1975 ceremony. In 1999 a marker for the Superior Street Commercial Historic District was installed.