Interactive Downtown Albion / 401 South Superior Street

Historical Name: n/a
Street Address:
 401 S. Superior Street
Block Name:
 Putnam Block
Building Date:
Arch. Style: 
Commercial Romanesque Revival

Architectural Description
Three-stories, with brick walls, some portions covered with stucco, and an angled main entrance. Rounded arch windows run along the third floor and projecting columns rise along the second and third floor. These columns, which imply turrets, continue through and beyond the cornice. The columns all had roofline finials, but all but two are now missing. A pressed metal cornice with modillions runs below a paneled parapet. Beneath the cornice is a broad band of terra cotta that is segmented by the engaged columns. A two-story oriel window is found at the south end of the west elevation.

Historical Information
No traces of a bank remain in this building where in 1893 the Commercial and Savings bank started as “The Bank on the Corner,” then called the Irwin Block, later the Putnam Block. In 1899, a civic-minded group meeting at Howard Hall had organized the Homestead Savings and Loan Association which later occupied these bank quarters for forty-odd years until 1961 when it built new offices on mid-main street. It then served as Dan’s Dairy and Franzonni’s Restaurant. The south end has been used as a saloon, Maytag repair store, and the Starr Commonwealth Computer Center.