Interactive Downtown Albion / 223-225 South Superior Street

Historical Name: Albion Opera House
Street Address:
 223-225 S. Superior Street
Block Name:
Building Date:
Arch. Style:
 Commercial Italianate

Architectural Description
Large, three story building with long, round-arched window banks spanning two floors. On the sides and rear of the building are large painted advertisements that cover large portions of the exposed walls of the building. An extensive renovation of the first floor was carried out by Dr. Judy Warren, a local dentist who purchased the building.

Historical Information
This area was originally occupied by a sawmill. From construction in 1869 until closure in 1920’s, this site served as a social and entertainment center.  The second floor Opera House boasts a large stage,tiered audience seating, and a balconied auditorium. It was still used in the 1920s for Albion High School “JuniorEX” programs, although regular official programs lasted until only 1918. Mr. Bohm who owned the Censor Theater on the first floor had it declared a fire trap as it was also in competition with him downstairs. The hall’s huge 20 foot gas chandelier and furnishings have been removed. Only a few remaining posters and pieces of furniture remain. The chandelier can be seen at the Gardner House Museum, disassembled and installed for use in five of the rooms.In 1981 Henry’s Fashions occupied the north half of this building. After purchasing the building, Dr. Judy Warren has renovated the south half of the first floor for use as her dentist’s practice. She hopes to continue making improvements to the building.