Interactive Downtown Albion / Bournelis Park

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Site Location:
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Bournelis Park
N. Superior and Cass

Site Description
Concrete monument with bronze plaque dedicated to the Bournelis brothers., Greek immigrants who operated a shoe repair business on the site for many years. Park is paved with geometric blocks and landscaped with benches and small trees.To the south-east of the park is the Cass St.Bridge. To the North West is theSuperior St. Bridge.

Historical Information
This restful corner was purchased and planted with funds donated by the Albion Civic Foundation and others. Dedicated in 1973, it was named for PeteBournelis, who operated a shoe-repair shop at this corner for 44 years. Behindthe park is the Cass Street Bridge. Built by mayor SamuelDickie, it was theonly bridge in Albion to withstand the great flood of1908.

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