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Did you know that Washington Heights and Inwood are home to the largest collection of Art Deco apartment houses in Manhattan and one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco buildings in the United States. The Art Deco Study was started to discover and document as many of these buildings as possible.

Buildings are grouped into four areas listed below. The first three have boundaries with a concentration of buildings within them, with the fourth category for being random buildings located outside of these three areas.

Inwood – North
Bounded by 214th St., Indian Rd., W. 218th St. and Broadway.

Inwood – South
Bounded by Dykman St, Payson Ave., Isham St, and Broadway.

Washington Heights
Bounded by 181st St, Henry Hudson Parkway, Margaret Corbin Dr. and Broadway

Other Areas
North of 155th St. in Northern Manhattan, but not included in the survey areas as defined above.

You are welcome and encouraged to make suggestions and to provide your feedback on what should be included in the study.

The Final Report will be posted here when it is completed in early September.

Important Dates

July 26
Presentation to Community Board 12

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Gather input on study and suggestions for additional buildings.

Present Final Report.

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