Flat Rock, Michigan

Flat Rock is a small town on the outermost edge of the Detroit Metropolitan Area. While it is possible to drive to downtown Detroit in half an hour, Flat Rock’s detachment from the metropolitan area gives it a small town feel.

Much like the much larger city of Detroit to the north, Flat Rock has a history that stretches back to the earliest days of the State of Michigan. Revolutionary War soldiers were awarded land grants in exchange for their services, some of which were responsible for starting a settlement here.

Mass production of the automobile in the 20th century, helped to connect Flat Rock with the broader metropolitan area. The automobile had a more explicit impact on Flat Rock when Henry Ford built a plant to manufacture automotive parts here. This building still remains, though it’s use has changed; and another much larger Ford plant is in Flat Rock today, contributing generously to the local economy – both in terms of tax revenue and jobs.

A committed group of local residents, with support from political and business leaders, have worked to preserve significant parts of Flat Rock’s built heritage. These buildings have been assembled into a village-like format, with a country store, an inn, a house, and a barn, providing a quaint if albeit fanciful reminder of the village that once was.

Munger General Merchants store in the Memory Lane complex.

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