DeRidder, Louisiana

Beauregard Parish and the parish seat of DeRidder are located in an area that was formerly a no-man’s land at the western edge of US Territory. A bulky and imposing historic jail building in DeRidder (locally referred to as the hanging jail – after two hangings that took place there) attests to this earlier role.

Outside of DeRidder there are villages where a few commercial establishments and other buildings are clustered at a major intersection, and hamlets where a few buildings (primarily residential) are gathered together.

This is one of the only areas in the United States to have a strong regional culture. Contributing to this are several generations living in the same area, the effect of geographic distance and climate on social relations, and the presence and influence of churches on all facets of life.

From this culture and a concentration of historic buildings, efforts can be made to make this area a more attractive place to live and visit – thus serving as a generator of economic activity and improving the local quality of life.

Courthouse in DeRidder, Louisiana.

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