Parklet – Trenton, New Jersey

We had the most wonderful of surprises running across this parklet on a recent visit to Trenton, New Jersey. Situated steps from the State House there may not be a higher visibility location in all of New Jersey.

Among the many innovations are these attractive tabletop decals identifying points of interest, and chronicling efforts in “Greening the Capital.” This is a clever way to get the word out about the work of organizations while being educational to the public at the same time.

Adjacent to the parklet is the 128 West State Cafe, opened in January 2016. Located in the basement of one of the many townhouses lining State Street, the small number of tables inside the cafe are more than doubled by the parklet outdoors. This leaves one to conclude how the parklet by enhancing the visibility of the cafe and providing more seating achieves many things at once — an aesthetic improvement, a support for small business, and the making of a great social gathering and meeting place. Those doing similar work would be wise to follow these many precedents.