Parklet – Middlesborough, Kentucky

Two parklets were installed simultaneously during the 2013 Better Block Middlesborough event.

Parklet 1 was located by the Park Theater and across the street from the Metuchen Public Library. This area had several vacant storefronts and had not been fully utilized for years. The parklet was a way to rapidly generate activity in this area and demonstrate how people were also welcome in the public realm.

Parklet 2 was installed on Cumberland Ave in front of the popular Avenue Cafe. During the brief time it was there the cafe saw a marked increase in their sales.

Regrettably, both had to be removed soon after they were built. The experience was an instructive one. One of the parklets was reinstalled a year later in May 2014 on Cumberland Ave in front of The Palace – a pop-up store for area artisans.

One innovative feature of both parklets is how they were built off-site and then installed in two pieces.