Pallet Chair – Albion, Michigan

We have built dozens of chairs out of shipping pallets in various towns we’ve visited. Here is a step-by-step description of the process as we recently experienced while in Albion, Michigan.

  1. Be prepared to cut a pallet to dimensions on site or do so in advance to save time – as we did here. These are all the parts laid out ready to building. From front to backarms, back support, back boards, legs, and slats to extend between legs.
  1. Space out your pieces to get the right piece in the right location. Make sure to have a side facing up the way you want it to be seen (and sat upon).
  1. Drill pilot holes. This prevents the sometimes brittle pallet wood from splitting in the next step when screws are drilled in.
  1. Screw slat boards on to legs to provide the surface for sitting on.
  1. Affix seat backing boards to horizontal support that chair arms also rests upon.
  1. Install upright legs and arm supports perpendicular to ground level. Two screws make sure that the legs do not slip or shift.
  1. Install final facing board on the front of the chair.
  1. Install arms so they are level with the ground. Drill them into the horizontal arm support with a screw at a slight angle.

Full pallet chair plans can be requested by contacting Isaac through the Contact Us link on this website.