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Flat, dull, without brilliancy, as varnish which has been rubbed so that it has little or no gloss; flat, as a coat of paint. 2. Without variety; without important features, as a blank wall. 3. Without spring or elasticity; impervious to sound, as a floor which has been made non-conducting. 4. Without motion; quiescent, as a more or less stationary load as distinguished from the load due to persons or movable furniture. 5. Without action; without independent power of motion, as a dead bolt. 6. Useless; no longer serving the original purpose, as a flue which has been closed up. 7. Not electrically connected to a source of voltage. 8. Without resonance, as a room free from echoes and reverberation.

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Isaac Kremer is a transformational leader with a track record of success revitalizing downtowns in the United States. He has written and spoken extensively. He's always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to unlock the potential of downtown areas.

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