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We were invited to Hammonton, New Jersey, to participate in a press conference by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs on recently awarded Main Street New Jersey Transformation Grants. While there we discovered a downtown that was experiencing a resurgence driven by entertainment and the arts, with a cluster of complementary businesses.

The Eagle Theatre was the catalyst for much of this activity. A small regional theater in a fairly non-descript building, plans were announced to expand into the neighboring building – a much larger Gothic Revival styled house.

In addition to ongoing investments in the theatre, a project to create a walkway linking the theatre with the downtown was announced. A walk of stars already existed in a landscaped sidewalk median that cut through a parking lot serving both the theater and downtown.

As the walk approached the downtown an outdoor wine bar with handsome pergola, seating, lighting and plantings came into view.

Casciano Coffee Bar

Another asset in the downtown with fairly active use was the Casciano Coffee Bar. In addition to traditional coffee offerings, they had a wonderful selection of local food and other healthy items to buy in the refrigerated case at the main counter.

Next Door Parties & Meetings, while now permanently closed, demonstrated how traditional storefronts may be repurposed for entertainment and other uses.



Mary’s Cafe

Monroeville Winery

Annata Wine Bar

Public Spaces

Simple enhancements with seating, planters, and bird box making use of the street tree well.
Hammonton Art District Way-finding signs.

And, public art, while not prevalent at the time of our visit was definitely on display. Here some temporary panels were mounted on an older building.

Historic Buildings

Perhaps the greatest observation we had of Hammonton was the right variety of building stock, with some excellent 19th century through mid-20th century buildings.

Hammonton Baptist Church

Hammonton Town Hall

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