Downtown – York, Pennsylvania

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Old Town Historic District Colonial Garden The Gear Garden & Foundry Park Foundry Park sits on the site of the Eyster Weiser Co. foundary, established in 1904, whose buildings flanked Philadelphia Street. The main foundry was destroyed by fire in 1975. Brick structure that held other foundry functions are still on site, overlooking the park. When the park was built

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Battlefield – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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Globe Inn The Globe Inn was one of Gettysburg’s oldest hotel-taverns, originally owned and operated in 1798 by town founder James Getty, and traditionally the unofficial headquarters for the local Democratic party. This political association made the Globe Inn a favorite of Confederate officers during their occupation of Gettysburg. They patronized the Inn for food, drink and lodging to the

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The Spheres – Seattle, Washington

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Amazon Shows Off its Bubble Greenhouses at Seattle HQ The new glass buildings house over 40,000 individual plants from over 50 countries. ByMichael Kan January 30, 2018 6:44PM EST Amazon’s bubble-shaped botanical offices, dubbed The Spheres, are now up and running. The project is part of a $4 billion Amazon investment in its Seattle offices and was designed to create a rainforest-like environment

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Downtown – Newark, Delaware

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Neward Academy traces its roots to a school founded by Rev. Dr. Francis Alison at New London, Pennsylvania in 1741. The school moved in 1652 to Cecil County, Maryland, and finally in 1767 to Newark, Delaware. Chartered by Thomas and Richard Penn in 1769, the school was closed from 1777 to 1780 due to the Revolutionary War. Later the academy

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Six Flags – Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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In 1985 the coaster was purchased and moved from Wild World in Massachusetts to Maryland. The helix at the end of the ride was rebuilt to replace on that had burned in Massachusetts. Maximum height was 98 feet, length 4000 feet, and maximum speed 60 mph. The track was re-profiled in 1997 to allow the installation of the Typhoon Sea

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Colonne di San Lorenzo – Milan, Italy

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This colonnade once connected San Lorenzo Maggiore to the Via Ticinesis, the old Roman road to Pavia. Originally this was part of a quadriporticus that stood before the basilica, entered from the street through a colonnaded portico. Sixteen 8.5-meter Corinithian columns come from a nearby building, possibly a pagan temple, from the imperial age. They rest on a stone stylobate.

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