Architecture / Style / Pueblo


  • 1915-1945 (Whiffen)
  • 1905-1940 (Blumenson)
  • 1900-1990s (Baker)


The Pueblo-style house is characterized by battered walls, rounded corners and flat roofs with projecting rounded roof beams or vigas. Straight-headed windows generally are set deep into the walls. Second and third floor levels are stepped or terraced, resembling the Indian habitats called pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona (Blumenson, 7).


Leading Examples

Fine Arts Building, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Blumenson, 7).

Santa Fe County Courthouse, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Blumenson, 7).

Southwest Regional National Park Service Office, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Blumenson, 7).


Sources Cited

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