Common Houses in America’s Small Towns (1989)

Glossary of Structural Forms

Camelback House
Cape Cod Cottage (Double-House Cape Cod Cottage)
Carolina I House
Composite Bungalow with Irregular Massing
Composite Cottage with Irregular Massing
Composite Cottage with Irregular Massing and Pyramid Roof (Southem Pyramid)
Composite House with Irregular Massing
Composite Ranch “House”
Continental Plan Cottage (or Continental Plan Cabin)
Continental Plan House (including the Penn Plan House or Quaker Plan House)
Cottage Bungalow
Crossplan Cottage
Crossplan Cottage with Multiple Gambrel Roof
Crossplan House
Crossplan House with Multiple Gambrel Roof
Cube House (Cubic House, Two-Story Square House, Cornbelt Cube House, or Four-Square House)
Dogtrot Cabin or Dogtrot Cottage (Open Passage Cottage)
Dogtrot House
Double-Pile Central Chimney House (including the New England Large House)
Double-Pile Cottage (including the Georgian Plan Cottage)
Double-Pile Cottage with Front Extension
Double-Pile Cottage with Gambrel Roof
Double-Pile House (including the Georgian Plan or Four-Over-Four House)
Double-Pile House with Gambrel Roof
Double Shotgun Cottage (Double Bungalow)
Double Shotgun House
Gable-Front Double-Pile Cottage
Gable-Front Double-Pile House
Gambrel-Front Double-Pile Cottage
Gambrel-Front Double-Pile House
Hall and Parlor Cottage (Double-Pen Cabin)
Hall and Parlor House (Pre-Classic I House or Early I House)
Hall Cottage (including the Single-Pen Cabin)
I Cottage
I House
Incised-Porch Bungalow
Incised-Porch Cottage (including the Creole Cottage)
Incised-Porch House
L-Shaped Cottage
L-Shaped House (Yankee House)
Minimal Ranch “House”
New England Classic Cottage (including the One-and-One-Half New England Cottage)
Octagon House
One-Half Cape Cod Cottage (House Cape Cod Cottage)
One-Over-One House (Bandbox House or Stack House)
One-Over-One House With Rear Extension (City House)
One-Third Double-Pile Cottage
One-Third Double-Pile House (Two-Bay Town House)
Pyramidal Cottage
Raised Ranch House (Split Entry House)
Ranch Bungalow
Ranch “House”
Saddlebag Cabin or Saddlebag Cottage
Saddlebag House (Saddlebag I House)
Salt Box House
Shotgun Cottage
Shotgun House
Southern Bungalow (Shotgun Bungalow)
Split-Level Ranch “House”
Square Cottage
Three-Quarters Cape Cod Cottage (House-and-a-Half Cape Cod Cottage)
Two-Thirds Double-Pile Cottage
Two-Thirds Double-Pile House
Two-Thirds Double-Pile House with Gambrel Roof
Two-Thirds Double-Pile House with Rear Extension (Town House or Three-Bay Town House)
Two-Thirds I House (Half I House)
Upright and Wing House (Temple Form House or Lazy T House)

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