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Tudor (1890-1940)

Identifying Features
Steeply pitched roof, usually side-gabled (less commonly hipped or front-gabled); facade dominated by one or more prominent cross gables, usually steeply pitched; decorative (i.e., not structural) half-timbering present on about half of examples; tall, narrow windows, usually in multiple groups and with multi-pane glazing; massive chimneys, commonly crowned by decorative chimney pots. (Source: McAlester, 1984)

Berrien N 819 (1985)
Brockway Place 421 (1985)
Elizabeth 417 (1985)
Erie E 614 (1985)
Hannah S 416 (1985)
Irwin 505 (1985)
Irwin 899 (1985)
Mechanic 408 (1985)
Michigan E 1110 (1985)
Michigan E 1206 (1985)
Monroe N 811 (1985)
North W 110 (1985)
Pine E 115 (1985)
Starr Commonwealth Hillside (1985)
Starr Commonwealth Newton Hall (1985)

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