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State Register of Historic Places

First Home in Albion Informational Site, ID Number P22684
Significant Dates: 1833
State Register Listed: 08/25/1960
Marker Erected: 09/16/1960

Marker Text
THE FIRST HOME | The first house at what was thenknown as the “Forks of the Kalamazoo” was erected near thissite by Tenney Peabody, a New Yorker. To this cabin with itsthatched roof of grass from the banks of the nearbyKalamazoo River, Albion’s first settler brought his wife andseven children on March 4, 1833. This courageous pioneerused three yoke of oxen and two wagons to bring his familyfrom New York. He helped form the company organized tobuild the town, named Albion after a town in New York.

Source: Michigan’s Historic Sites Online, Downloaded 2003.