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Veterans from Albion

Revolutionary War
Abel Finch, 71 years old in 1840, Listed in Census of Pensioners, 1840 U.S. Census
Dr. Isaac Grant, 1759-1841, one of two known Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Riverside.

Civil War
The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was formed by survivors of the Union Army shortly after the Civil War. Albion’s E.W. Hollingsworth Post, No. 210, G.A.R. was formed with 29 charter members December 26, 1883. Membership peaked at 217 officers. A hall was built and dedicated on East Erie Street adjacent to the old Methodist Church, and used by the GAR and WRC until 1929, when it was sold to the Methodist Church. Eight surviving members organized informally in 1931.

Alva Counterman, living in Albion in 1931
Willard C. Durkee, last surviving charter member, died May 15, 1928
Hon. Washington Gardner, GAR National Commander in 1913
James Harrington, living in Albion in 1931
Col. E.W. Hollingsworth, first field officer to die from the City of Albion
Cyrus Hungerford, living in Albion in 1931
John S. Kikendall, living in Albion in 1931
Rienzi Loud, elected first Commander of Albion’s GAR post
William Muffley, living in Albion in 1931
Jacob H. Perine, living in Albion in 1931
Rev. Isaac H. Riddick, living in Albion in 1931
Charles Williams, living in Albion in 1931
Levi Wiselogel

Spanish American War
The Spanish-American War lasted 113 days and cost the United States $165,000,000. Spain relinquished rights to Cuba, which became free and independent. Spain also surrendered Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippine Islands to the U.S. There is no Spanish-American organization in Albion, though a number of veterans reside in the area.

B.J. Blanchard
O.J. Cassna
Alvin Dice
J.B. Foote
Bert Gardner
William Gleason
Frank W. Koth
Fred J. Stankraus

World War I
Albion’s American Legion received its charter from the State of Michigan on July 29, 1919. The national charter is dated April 10, 1921. Requirement for membership in the American Legion is that a veteran have an honorable discharge from military service of the United State, a part of this service rendered between April 6, 1917 and November 11, 1918. The first meeting of Albion’s chapter was held in the GAR Hall on September 10, 1919. The post later moved to a permanent home on the northwest corner of West Porter and South Clinton Street.

Robert C. Baker, Post Adjutant 1919, Executive Committee 1932
D. Clare Boyd, Post Adjutant 1932
Frederick Goodrich, Post Chaplain 1919
William Harton, Post Vice-President 1919, Post Chaplain 1932
Dr. Lawless, Post Commander 1920
Dr. George C. Hafford, Post Commander 1920, Executive Committee 1932
Patrick Leo Hanlon, one of the first Albion men to be killed in action
Ralph Hartung, Post Commander 1924
Herman Huber, Post Commander 1925
Grove Hunham, Executive Committee 1919
William Kearney, Post Commander 1929
Charles Krebs, Post Commander 1932
Joseph Leavy, 1st Albion Post Commander 1919
Albert MacDonald, Executive Committee 1919
Charles Markle, Post Commander 1930-1931, Executive Committee 1932
James Meek, Executive Committee 1932
Charles Miller, Executive Committee 1932
Arthur G. Noble, Post Finance Officer 1919
Harley Russell, Post Commander 1928, Post Finance Officer 1932
George Schumacher, Post Commander 1922-1923, Post Historian 1932
Howell Van Gorden, Post Historian 1919
George Wilkinson, Post Vice-Commander 1932
Louis Wochholz, Executive Committee 1919, Post Commander 1926
Dieter Young, Post Commander 1927, Post Vice-Commander 1932

World War II
* Arthur Anderson
* Harold Anthony
* Harry Arquette
* Betty (McDermid) Baker
* Philip Baldwin
* Donald Bienz
* Victor Buinowski
* Glen C. Childs
* Robert Clark
* Floyd Dean
* Bryan Downey
* Earl Dulaney
* Robert Geyer
* Frank Grooms
* Barbara (Bostwick) Hallock
* James W. Hallock
* Hiram Herrick
* Finis Holt
* Robert Holt
* Dorothy Huber
* John Huber
* Howard Huffman
* Wilbur King
* Rolland Kissinger
* Lawrence Merrild
* Otis Meyers
* Ellery Morgan
* Moses Musquiz
* John Parker
* Gilbert Rausch
* Joe Romanchuk
* Russell Rowan
* Andrew Sapala
* Robert O. Schultz
* Gilford Schneider
* John Sharp
* Clifford Parker Smith
* Charles Snyder
* Marion Champion Spence
* Ewell Stowell
* Richard T. Stahl
* Claire Torrey
* Wayne VanSchoick
* William Doyle Vickers
* Guy Vitale
* Keith Waito
* Richard Weatherford
* John Zasucha

* Andrew Kooi
* Harold Kuder
* Scott Cracraft
* Calvin Wheeler
* Gilford E. Schneider

* David Farley
* John Geyer
* Leroy Schmidt

* Marion Seaton

Persian Gulf
* Marion Seaton

* Veterans who have participated in the Local History Room, Oral History Project.

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