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Philo Taylor
    Died 1854

Philo Taylor was in Cleveland in 1806/7 and was the proprietor of either an inn or mercantile establishment of some kind, or possibly both. He became very influential and was one of the first commissioners of Cuyahoga Co. in 1815 and one of the board members of the first bank (Bank of Lake Erie – 1816) which later went under. He went bankrupt because of that. He was among other things the captain of 2 of his own sloops (The Commodore Perry which was shipwrecked off Buffalo in 1820 and the Prudence which was commissioned in 1822) that carried grain and passengers between Port Huron and Buffalo.

Philo Taylor received land from the town for the first mercantile establishment in Albion in 1838 [see Albion Company]. In an 1836 town directory I also found his name. My Philo Taylor was in Cleveland, OH, before that but I do not know where he would have been during the 1830s.

His granddaughter Zerviah Davenport Burke reportedly was teaching school in Albion in 1847/1848 and her Family Bible says that she was married there 15 Apr 1848 to Ashbel Walworth Morgan of Newburgh Twp., Cuyahoga Co., OH.

He ended up being the keeper of the lighthouse off Cleveland in the 1840s which was a political appointment. He died in Cleveland (probably Newburgh Twp) Cuyahoga Co. OH 9 Mar 1854

Source: Message from Barb Baxter, November 24, 2001.

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