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Charles F. Stockwell
1st Principal Wesleyan Seminary

     Died June 30, 1850

Wesleyan Seminary Principal +

Accomplishments as Principal

    • Facilities expanded

Biographical Information
Born in Lancaster, Coos County, New Hampshire. Until he was 19, lived on a farm but became a student at the Newbury Seminary in Newbury, Vermont. He moved to studies atDartmouth College in 1838, remaining there two years. He then is reported to have taught at the Wesleyan Academy at Wilbraham, Massachusetts, for two years before resuming his college course which he completed at Wesleyan just before receiving his appointment for the Wesleyan Seminary at Albion.

Married the eldest daughter of TenneyPeabody, Louisa, on 18 July 1844, before Mr. Stockwell reached his 27 birthday. Their only child was Madelon L. Stockwell Turner.

The Rev. Mr. Stockwell was the first principal of the predecessor of Albion College for only two years, and the Old Albion book reports he conducted “its affairs with markedsuccess.”

His destiny was unfulfilled, however, for before his thirty-third birthday and before he had been married six years, he died. Death occurred 30 June 1850, while Mr. Stockwell was on his way by sea to California. He became ill of erysipelas. He was buried in the Pacific.

His daughter, Madelon, became the first woman to be admitted at the University of Michigan (1870). She bequeathed a portion of her estate to Albion College for the erection of a library in honor of her parents. The Stockwell Memorial Library was completed in 1938.

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