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Sylvia Starr
Child of Elta-Arber and David Starr


Sylvia Starr was one of two children of David Starr and Elta-Arber. David was adopted on of Starr Commonwealth’s founder Floyd Starr. David preceded Floyd Starr in death in mid-May 1977. The elder Starr built collected contributions to build a memorial garden on the hillside near Gladsome Cottage. Within months the garden was complete.

Sylvia Starr met Garth Richey at Albion College. At the time Garth was the first athlete to letter in three sports (basketball, football, and track) in his freshman year. As Garth was a senior finishing his degree in math he met Sylvia who was a sophomore.

Later they had a son named Randy Richey. In an email message, Randy recalled Floyd Starr’s bout with cancer and the visits he would take to Southern California while he was ill. Randy has also visited Starr Commonwealth many times, corresponding with president Arlin Ness periodically.

Source: Isaac Kremer, 14 March 2002. From message sent by Randy Richey.

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