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Margaret Starr
Daughter of Floyd Starr


Born of Harriet Armstrong and FloydStarr, Margaret Starr was the only childthe couple would have together. Shortly after her birth, she lived with herparents and grandparents in Gladsome Cottage on the infant Commonwealth campusin Albion. 

Margaret Starr Leutheuser cherished warm memories of those exciting days. “The smells, sights and sounds around the site will always remain with me. When the workmen stopped and lounged on the ground to open their lunch pails for their noon meal, there was often a cookie or an apple for me; and it was a continuing pleasure to play in the pile of sand which they used for mixing cement.” As a matter of fact, she confided another time, “I fear I was badly spoiled in those growing-up years. The boys in particular treated me like a princess – constantly bring me fascinating things like toads or sharing the few goodies that came their way.” Harriet was not always happy about such liberties with her young daughter, but the constant round of household chores left her little time to complain.

If it had not been for her parents divorce five years later, she likely wouldhave seen the campus grow to maturity. In the years that followed, Margaret andher mother Harriet remained estranged from Floyd. It was not until her laterlife that Margaret reintroduced herself to Floyd Starr. Working with him, shehelped to write down some of his memoirs. Margaret was also present at thededication of the Michigan Historical Marker on the Albion campus. 

Source: Keith Fennimore. Faith Made Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School. Albion, Michigan: Starr Commonwealth. 1988.

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