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Perry T. Sharp, 1873
    Died May 7, 1951

Builder +
Union Steel Products Co., office
Albion Evening Recorder building
Service Caster and Truck Co. plant
Robinson Hall, Albion College

A name well known in the Albion construction business during the early 20th century was Perry T. Sharp, who was a major Albion contractor from 1911 to 1942. Sharp became one of southern Michigan’s best known and most substantial contractors, and built numerous houses and buildings in Albion.

He was born in Constantine on April 1, 1873, and came to Albion in 1911, working at S.A. Wilder & Son for three years. He then began his own construction company, and in 1922, established permanent headquarters at 408 E. Cass Street. Sharp had five employees and a payroll of $3,000 during his first year in business.

Some of the buildings constructed by Perry Sharp were: UnionSteel Products Co. office, the Albion Evening Recorder building, Service Caster and Truck co. plant, Robinson Hall at Albion College, three rural schoolhouses, and a creamery. The 1924 Albion Chamber of Commerce edition of the Albion Evening Recorder reported that during 1923, Sharp had erected buildings in Albion valued at more than $200,000, and had a payroll of more than $80,000, with eighty employees.

Perry’s son Ward Sharp served as superintendent of the firm, and took over the business when Perry retired in 1942. Perry died May 7, 1951. Ward Sharp retired in 1965. The Sharps started a Christmas tree plantation in 1930.

Source: Frank Passic. Homestead Savings and Loan and the Builders of Albion: One Hundred Years of Service, 1889-1989. Albion, MI: Homestead Savings and Loan Association. 1988.

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