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Bill Rieger
City Engineer


Bill Rieger, assisted by a civil engineer and a surveyor, is responsible for the management of all Public Works Departments. This includes overseeing the Parks and Cemetery, Water and Sewer Departments, Sewage Treatment Plant, and the Street Department. Bill is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and has held his present position for 15 years. The Public Works Director and his staff handle most of the engineering design, surveying and construction supervision work for the Public Works projects.

Public improvements, such as street, water and sewer, and curb improvements are financed either by the city or the property owner, or a combination thereof. Policies governing new or replacement construction are as follows:

1. Water mains are paid 100% by the city. The property leads and house connections must be financed by the property owners.
2. The construction of a new sanitary sewer main, as well as the property leads, are the financial responsibility of the property owner.
3. Curbs, gutters and sidewalks will be constructed or replaced (if budgeted) with the city and the property owner sharing the cost 50-50. Last year, the cost of curb and gutter replacement averaged 2.75 per front foot to the property owner. The average cost of a 4 ft. sidewalk replacement was 2.20 per foot to the property owner.
4. Road resurfacing is financed totally by the city conditioned upon the availability of budgeted monies and the existence of curb and gutters in good repair. For any new pavement, the cost is shared equally between the city and property owner.

With the availability of local income tax monies and Federal Revenue Sharing, 1975 saw much new construction in the city. This included: 1) replacement of 7083 ft. of curb and gutter, 2) 7210 lineal feet of pavement resurfacing, 3) reconstruction of Water Street from Highland to Edwards Street, including curb and gutter and gravelling, 4) construction of new municcipal parking lot on Ash Street, 5) installation of 4197 feet of new water mains, and 6) installation of 327 feet of storm sewer on Berrien Street.


Source: City of Albion, “Our Annual Report to the Citizens,” January 1976.