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Gerald Peeler
City Planner



In 1975 the city became eligible for $287,000 in federal grants for each of the next three years. The city council, based upon recommendations from a Citizen’s Advisory Council, determined to expend those monies to start construction on a Community Center building, to develop a home-winterization program for certain senior citizens, to start a dental clinic for children of low and moderate income families, and to add to the recreational facilities in our community. Mr. Gerald Peeler, city planner, was hired to prepare the grant application, to work with the Advisory Council, and to administer the resulting programs.

In addition, Mr. Peeler is responsible for the city’s activities in such areas as Federal Flood Plain Insurance, Zoning Ordinance interpretations, and recommendations for zoning ordinance changes.

In addition, Mr. Peeler provides staff assistance to several citizen boards, including the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Community Development Advisory Council. Future job responsibilities include disposition of urban renewal land, improved monitoring of local economic and social conditions, and working on long range city planning efforts, includign downtown improvements, transportation improvements and evaluation of zoning.

Also assisting in this office is Joe Seaton, Community Relations Officer. Mr. Seaton administers the Manpower Program for the city, and also assists in implementation of the Affirmative Action Program and the Community Development Block Grant programs. Mr. Seaton also performs as the staff person assigned to the Human Relations Commission, the city agency responsible for evaluating complaints of racial discrimination.

Source: City of Albion, “Our Annual Report to the Citizens,” January 1976.

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