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Frank Passic
Distinguished Albion Historian


Related Documents
Albion’s Banks and Bankers, 1985

Provides descriptions of all the banks in Albion from the 19th century to the 1980s. Biographical information is combined with newspaper articles and other secondary literature on Albion’s history. Connections between industry and banking can be inferred, as well as the loss of local control of capital.

“The Albion Public Schools, Our Rich Heritage,” Brochure, c.1987

A brochure on the history of the Albion Public Schools that emphasized important civic leaders and events in the history of the schools. Neglected the conflict and violence that had occurred in the district from the 1970s to the time of publishing.

Homestead Savings and Loan and the Building of Albion, 1988

Commissioned by Homestead Savings and Loan, outlines the history of that institution as well as of the many builders in Albion and the buildings that they made.

Birds Eye View of the City of Albion, 1988

A Pictorial History of Albion, 1991

A collection of pictures and captions that draws attention to important people and events in Albion’s history. The closest that Albion has come to a history of the city.

A History of the Albion Public Schools, 1991

Follows up on brochure written in 1987 and in a handsome bound volume provides a more detailed account of the history of the public schools. Provides more insight on structural economic change in the city and how this resulted in unrest and violence in the schools.

Presenting 25 Years of the Albion Civic Foundation, 1993

Commemorative book published on 25th anniversary of the Albion Civic Foundation. Founded in 1968 by Albion industrialist Thomas T. Lloyd who provided both money to start the foundation and his personal vision for the foundation’s work – particularly downtown revitalization.

Images of America, Albion in the 20th Century, 2002

Passic’s most recent publication, similar to his publication in 1991 with pictures and captions recognizing important people and events through the 20th century in Albion. His introduction addresses the influence on Albion Malleable, and how factory closing has transformed the city.

Source: Isaac Kremer, 2003

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