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Albert Meloy
13th Superintendent, 1987-1991

Public School Superintendent +

Biographical Description
Albert Meloy was named Albion High School principal in the fall of 1980, replacing Russell Spanninga who returned toclassroom teaching. A native of Dearborn, Meloy earned his degree in education in 1968 from Central Michigan University. He had taught grade school at Alma for four years, and then became assistant principal forsix years before coming to Albion. In 1983 he accepted the position of principal at Troy High School north of Detroit, but returned toAlbion in 1987 when he was hired as superintendent. Meloy’s previous experience with the Albion school system made his new position easier. During a 1987 newspaper interview, Meloy praised the Albion school board: “It’s as solid a board as the district has ever had. I think the community recognizes that. That’s a real strength of the Albion school district.”

On September 3, 1991, the school board appointed Judyth L. Dobbert superintendent.

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