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Erva J. Mallory

Mr. Mallory was born in Albion and spent his early years on a farm operated by his father, Job Mallory, on what is now a street since named for the family, in the northwestern section ofthe city.

For two years subsequent to 1886 Mr. Mallory was employed on a cattle ranch near Blair, Nebraska. In 1888, he returned to Albion and entered the employ of the Michigan Central Railroad as baggage agent. He remained in this capacity for 13 years and later served two years as bill clerk for the railroad.

In May 1903, Mr. Mallory was named city marshal of Albion and for three years he served in this office,. In subsequent years he served Calhoun County as deputy sheriff for four ears under Sheriff F.A. Graham and for four years as under-sheriff in the regime of Sheriff Fonda. He was elected sheriff in November1913, and took office the following January 1, serving four tears. During the war he was chairman ofthe draft board.

In 1921 Mr. Mallory was appointed city manager and served in this office for three years before being namedacting postmaster on August 1, 1923. On January 3, 1924, he was appointed regular postmaster on January 9, 1928,and he was re-appointed for a term of four years.

Mr. Mallory’s father, Job Mallory, was one of Albion’s pioneers. He came to Albion from Hillsdale county in about the year 1845, and for a considerable period he worked in Jesse Crowell’s now famous Stone Mill which in later years gave way to the march of progresswith its razing to clear a site for the erection of the Commercial & Savings Bank building. K85

Source: Miriam Krenerick. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932.

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