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Warren G. Hooper, 1905
    Murdered January 11, 1945

Albion Senator Warren G. Hooper was killed gangland style on a lonely stretch of M-99 northeast of Springport on January 11, 1945. The murder occurred just as Hooper was ready to testify before a grand jury investigating alleged corruption in the Michigan legislature. The sensational murder remained one of Michigan’s most unsolved mysteries. The case resurfaced in 1987 with the publication of the book, Three Bullets Sealed His Lips by Bruce A.Rubenstein and Lawrence E. Ziewacz, whose in depth study pointed to imprisoned Purple Gang members as being the killers.

Tombstone of Senator Warren G. Hooper in Riverside Cemetery.

Source: Frank Passic. A Pictorial History of Albion, Michigan; From the Archives of the Albion Historical Society. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation. 1991.

Republican Warren G. Hooper (1905-1945) of Albion was elected to the State Senate on November 7, 1944. The campaign poster illustrated here was to be his last. Hooper served only two weeks in office beginning in January 1945. He was scheduled to testify to a grand jury about corruption and bribery tat existed in the Michigan Legislature, of which Hooper had been a member of (House of Representatives) since 1938. Senator Hooper was shot to death in his car gangland style coming back from Lansing along a lonely stretch of M-99 north of Springport on January 16, 1945. Members of the notorious Purple Gang were suspected of carrying out the dastardly deed at the direction of political bosses. Four Gang members were subsequently convicted of conspiracy to murder Senator Hooper.

Source: Frank Passic. Albion in the 20th Century. Chicago, IL: Arcadia Publishing. 2002.

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