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Rev S. Conger Hathaway, 1881

Rev. S. Conger Hathaway, AB, BD, AM, was born at Jackson, Michigan, March 30, 1881; graduated in Latin course fromJackson High School, June 1898; received AB degree from University of Michigan, June 1906; began preaching in First Presbyterian Church, Concord, February 1906, first pastor the Concord church ever had, ordained by Lansing Presbytery at Concord, June 4, 1907; married Inez A. Warner-Bird, June 27, 1906; pastor at Concord 1906-1909; pastor First PresbyterianChurch Marshall, MI, 1909-1912; entered graduate school of theology, Oberlin, Ohio, September 1912; awarded a merit scholarship of $50 for certain grade standings at the end of the course; student pastor East Side Presbyterian Church, Caro, Michigan, 1914-1920; entered Graduate School, University of Michigan, February 1920; employed by U of M as attendant in reading room of archaeology and ancient literature Feb-June 1920; pastor, FirstPresbyterian Church of Plymouth, Michigan, 1920-1925; received A.M. degree from University of Michigan, June 1923; pastor FirstPresbyterian Church, Ypsilanti, Michigan 1925-1929; pastor First PresbyterianChurch, Albion, Michigan, autumn 1929; Minister First Presbyterian Church, Homer, Michigan, since May 1930; minister Eckford Presbyterian Community church, Eckford, Michigan, since September 1930. (Last three items concurrent.)

Source: Miriam Krenerick. Albion’s Milestones and Memories. Albion, MI: Art Craft Press. 1932.