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Marian Gray, 1899
Albion College, Dean

     Died 1947

Marian was born June 11, 1899, in Winchester, Indiana, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Gray. She graduated from Ohio State University in 1923 and received her master’s degree from Cornell University in 1925. She served as dean of women at Penn College in Oskaloosa, Oklahoma, for the following two years.

Marian came to Albion College in 1927 to serve as dean of women. During her 20 years here, she saw more than 3,000 young women pass through the college and came to know them fairly well, as she resided at Susannah Wesley Hall most of that time. Besides serving as dean, Marian also taught classes in English and held the rank of assistant professor in that department. A student of Shakespeare, she spent many summers studying at universities in the United States and England.

In addition to her professional duties, Marian was president of the local branch of the AAUW during 1943 and was a member of the E.L.T. Club. She was instrumental in bringing two national honoraria to the college: the Mortar Board for outstanding senior women and Alpha Lambda Delta for freshmen honor students. She was herself a member of the Kappa Gamma sorority. Although she attended the First Methodist Church in Albion, Marian was a member of the Society of Friends with a birthright affiliation in the church at Winchester.

Source: Albion Public Library, Local History Room

From: Albion AAUW. Some Notable Women of the Albion Area. Albion, Michigan: American Association of University Women. 1998.

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