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Richard Grant
Parks Superintendent



Albion residents have always been proud of its beautiful and spacious parks. Approximately 80 acres of park land exists within the nine city parks. Mr. Richard Grant, Parks and Cemetery Superintendent and his employees are responsible for the maintenance of parks, and also do much of the new construction accomplished each year in the parks. In addition, they have the responsibility for the trees in the curb lawns (50 miles of streets) and the operation of the cemetery. Some important facts for you to know are: 1) each year the Parks Department plants new trees in the curb lawns at no cost to the property owner, 2) the recreation programs of the city are operated by the Public School system but the city crews provide for maintenance of city facilities, 3) the Riverside Cemetery office is open Monday Through Friday, 4) all parks are closed to the public at 11pm.

Accomplishments during the past year include a new basketball court, 2 new parking lots, new playground equipment and a new public restroom at Holland Park, resurfacing and fencing two tennis courts at Victory Park, installing new drainage structures at Victory PArk and planning for the construction of a new Community Center and softball diamond in 1976. Mr. Grant is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a major in Forestry. He has been employed with the City of Albion since 1972.

Image caption: Parks superintendent Richard Grant and Foreman Joe McCracken are seen with new playground equipment installed at Holland Park.

Source: City of Albion, “Our Annual Report to the Citizens,” January 1976.

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