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Barbara and Thomas Gladney
Minister and Civil Rights Leader


Long time Albion resident, and civil rights activist.Barbara Gladney, and her husband Thomas were actively involved in founding the Melting Pot program in the late 1960s. Formed partly in response to racial conflict occurring in Albion, the Melting Pot program brought people of different races together for meals in one another’s homes. Over time larger group activities were sponsored. The Melting Pot was one of three initiatives that helped Albion to win the All-America City Award in 1973.

This was the auspicious start in a long career of service to the people of Albion by Thomas and Barbara Gladney. Tom Gladney at different times has been employed by the Albion Police Department, various industries in the city including Corning Glass Works, and Albion College Campus Safety. From 1999-2000 Thomas also served as the interim director of the Albion College Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Source: Isaac Kremer, 2003

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