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Church, Catherine V. Thompson, 1901
    Died 1978

Catherine V. Church was born in Albion on April 15, 1901. After her marriage to Donald Church in 1926, they lived on North Clinton Street in her childhood home. The couple had no children. Donald died in 1938.

Catherine attended Albion College and Michigan State College and obtained a life teaching certificate in English. She taught for the Dearborn Public Schools and was a volunteer for the Red Cross and a social worker. Catherine also worked as a secretary for Dr. James Forsyth at the Home Care department of Sheldon Manor and later at Albion Community Hospital. She also worked part-time for Dr. Jack McClure, Albion veterinarian.

Catherine played an active role in the organization of the Albion HistoricalSociety, serving as a director from 1955 to 1960, and doing much of the Society’s early record keeping. She was also a member of Kappa Psi sorority.

Catherine died in 1978. A letter written by Albion attorney Joe Wilcox, who served as her executor, said Catherine “was one of the most lively, witty and interesting persons I ever knew …. She kept up her interest in so very many things until her death. Among her papers we found correspondence with senators, representatives and even a letter from [then vice president] Gerald Ford.”

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