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Chuck Charameda
Street Department



A bare pavement within 48 hours of snowfall is not usually the result of Mother Nature. The Street Department, under Charles Charamda’s supervision for the past 14 years, usually has 6 trucks on the road as soon as is possible after any snowfall in excess of two incches. The City is divided into 3 sections plus the central business district. It usually takes 6-8 hours to clear the streets after a 4″ snowfall. When icy conditions exist, salt must be used to melt approaches to intersections. Last winter 490 tons of salt were applied to our streets.

The Street Department is also responsible for street sweeping, leaf pickup, “clean up week”, placement and removal of Christmas decorations, maintenance of storm sewer inlets, some street construction, street patching, grave digging, assisting water and sewer department, etc. The vast majority of funds required for operation of the Street Department are received from the motor vehicle gasoline tax.

Source: City of Albion, “Our Annual Report to the Citizens,” January 1976.