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Thomas Carter
Professor of Education


Thomas M. Carter, Professor of Education

Source: Keith Fennimore. The Albion College Sesquicentennial History. Albion, Michigan: Albion College. 1985.


Thomas Milton Carter was born on February 29, 1888 in Kentucky. Carter’s pre-college education was at Asbury College. He received his A.B. from Illinois Wesleyan in 1914, his S.T.B. from Garret in 1917, and his M.A. from Northwestern University in 1921. In 1922, he married his wife, Frances Berry. They had 4 daughters: Virginia, Geraldine, Suzanne, and Ruth. In 1923, Carter received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and joined the faculty at Albion College. Thomas Carter retired from Albion in 1962.

Carter spent 49 years at Albion as the head of the Education and Psychology Departments. His contributions to scholarly journals included: International Journal of Ethics, Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Higher Education, School and Society, and Elementary School Journal. Carter also wrote a book entitled A Brief Biography of Frederic Samuel Goodrich. It can be found in the Albion College Archives.

Thomas Carter taught summer school at a wide variety of schools: Central State Teachers College, Michigan State Normal College, Western Michigan College of Education, South Dakota State College, University of Louisville, University of Nebraska, Northwestern University, and the University of Pennsylvania. He served as a chaplain in both World Wars and received 2 special commendations from Major Generals, as well as the Oak Leaf Cluster. Carter is listed in American Men of Science and Leaders in Education.

Thomas M. Carter died on March 27, 1984.

Table of Contents


The Thomas M. Carter Papers document many aspects of Carter’s life: his work in the military, scientific research, contributions to the field of education, as well as aspects of his personal life. These are reflected in the following series: Correspondence, Publications, Unpublished Materials, and Photographs.

    The Correspondence series contains 2 subseries: Personal and Military. The Personal Correspondence contains a testimonial for his lotion, as well as many letters regarding his research and writings. The Military Correspondence contains letters documenting his responsibilities as a chaplain and other daily duties associated with the bases where he was stationed.

    The Publications series consists of articles written by Carter and other distinguished authors writing in the fields of education, psychology, ethics, religion, and the delinquency of minors. The subseries here are: Personal, Military, Religion, Education, Psychology, Ethics, Dissertation, Miscellaneous Research.

    The Unpublished Materials series is comprised of the subseries of Religion, Sermons, Education, Psychology, Miscellaneous, and Fieldwork. In the Sermons subseries, there are many interesting examples of sermons Carter wrote while in the military addressing the conditions of service men during World War II. The Miscellaneous subseries contains Carter’s military orders and fieldwork information relating to a European observation trip that was part of the Marshall Plan. This fieldwork generated articles about school, home and family life in Post-World War II Europe.

    Two examples from the Photographs series include photographs from a conference at a mission in San Juan as well as one of the first x-ray machines.

Table of Contents


Box 1
Correspondence Series

    Personal Subseries
    Folder 1: Personal: 1940-1962
    • To Dr. T.A. Carter, From B.C.H. Harvey – Harvey has forwarded Carter’s paper on to the Anatomical Record, March 15, 1930
    • To Thomas Carter, From J.S. Aclkkerh [?] – Testimonial for Carter’s lotion, January 7, 1934
    • To Dr. T.M. Carter, From Frank N. Freeman – Freeman returning the photos Carter sent him [Photos in Folder #39], March 5, 1934
    • To T.M. Carter, From George E. Hill – Regarding an article Hill sent to Carter [“Mental Hygiene of the Teacher”, Folder 8], January 10, 1938
    • To Thomas Carter, From H. Rogosin – Regarding article in American Weekly, February 14, 1940 (2 copies)
    • To Thomas Carter, From John C. Noel, Jr. – Responding to his request for a transfer [Includes his military discharge papers], April 17, 1946
    • To Thomas Carter, From Nicholas Schreiber – Responding to request for statistical information about Michigan schools, October 5, 1954
    • To Thomas Carter, From E.T. Franklin – Regarding an earlier personal letter, March 2, 1960
    • To Thomas Carter, From Edward N. MacConomy – Regarding an inquiry into setting up an “Abstract Service”, March 2, 1960

    Folder 2: Personal: 1967-77, n.d.

    • To Thomas Carter, From Reader’s Digest – Rejection letter for an article submitted by Carter, December 5, 1967
    • To Thomas Carter, From William E. Lind – Regarding request for an evaluation of Abraham Lincoln pamphlets, November 21, 1968
    • To Thomas Carter, From Methodist Historical Collection – Regarding donation [Inventory list included], March 12, 1970
    • To Thomas Carter, From ISP – Regarding return of his biographical questionnaire for their book, December 19, 1971
    • To Dr. Gordon Carson, From Thomas Carter – Regarding Environmental Awareness Week, April 6, 1972
    • To John Fox, From Thomas Carter – Regarding a donation made to the Archives, October 28, 1976
    • To Librarian, Albion College, From Thomas Carter – Thank you note for assistance, June 4, 1977
    • To Thomas Carter, From James S. King – “A Report to the President” [n.d.]
    • To George Cameron, From Thomas Carter – Regarding a paper review, December 13


    Military Subseries
    Folder 3: Military: 1943-1951

    • To Commanding Officers, all posts, camps, and stations, 7th Service Command, ASF – Regarding current payments and deferments of Federal Income Tax, August 25, 1943
    • To Commanding General – Regarding visit of Staff Chaplain to AAF Convalescent Hospital, Fort Logan, CO, October 24, 1944
    • To Chaplain Thomas M. Carter, From H.R. Harmon – Regarding his commendation, February 15, 1945
    • To Lt. Col. Thomas M. Carter, From F.M. Garver – Replying back to an earlier letter, February 19, 1945
    • To All Chaplains – Regarding Standard Operating Procedure for the Chaplain’s Section, June 3, 1945
    • To Lt. Col. Thomas Carter Base Chaplain – Regarding completion of AFTRC form #24 [AAF Medical Statement], June 28, 1945
    • To Staff Chaplain, 3rd Air Force Headquarters, Tampa, FL – Regarding resuming of the Chaplainry program at Drew Field from February 25-August 25, 1945, August 21, 1945
    • To Dr. Arthur Larson, From Thomas M. Carter – Regarding forwarding his credentials to his office, November 7, 1945
    • To Lt. Col. Thomas M. Carter – Regarding the return of his evidence of honorable separation from the service, January 15, 1946
    • To Chaplain Colonel Thomas Milton Carter – Regarding his promotion, March 14, 1946
    • To R.H. Helm, From T.M. Carter – Regarding a change of address, October 31, 1946
    • To Thomas Carter, From John H. Plattenburg – Regarding his request for overseas employment, May 23, 1951

Publications Series

    Personal Subseries
    Folder 4: Articles: 1927-1974 [About Thomas Carter]
    • “Cost to the College per student credit hour in the various subjects of Albion College for the first semester of 1927 and 1928”
    • “Dr. Carter gives interesting talk,” Albion Evening Recorder, March 26, 1936.
    • “Albion College educator back home from 6 weeks’ look at continent,” Albion Evening Recorder, [April] 1950.
    • Carter, Thomas. “Campus unrest nothing new,” Albion Evening Recorder. May 1, 1968.
    • “Society: 50th Anniversary Events,” Albion Evening Recorder, August 29, 1972.
    • “Dr. and Mrs. T.M. Carter to Observe 50th Wedding Anniversary Sunday,” Albion Evening Recorder, August 1972.
    • Reed, George R. “A Young Man ‘Gets Religion’,” Michigan Christian Advocate. January 31, 1974.
    • Reed, George R. “Former pupil records colorful story of Thomas M. Carter,” Albion Evening Recorder. February 12, 1974.
    • “Here’s a List of Leap Year Babies,” Albion Evening Recorder, February 29, [n.d.].


    Military Subseries
    Folder 5: Military: c.1943

    • “To the Wives of Officers Rights and Privileges of Servicemen.” [WWII]
    • “Report of MASC Chaplain’s Conference Post Chapel, Olmsted Field, Middletown, PA, August 24-25, 1943.”

    Folder 6: Military Chaplains: [n.d.] (Newspaper Clippings – Scrapbook)

    • Chaplain Thomas Milton Carter
    • Chaplain Edward A. Rein – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Leo J. Sheeran – Jefferson Barracks
    • Curry J. Simpson – Jefferson Barracks
    • Charles V. Loftus – Jefferson Barracks
    • J. Edwin Orr – Jefferson Barracks
    • Clarence P. Smales – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Floyd J. Armstrong – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Edward S. Bayless – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain William A. Hanley – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Lamar Stroud – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain John L. Harris – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Harold I. Peterson – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Augustus F. Loeb – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Virgil P. Hulse – Scott Field
    • Lee P. Ward – Scott Field
    • William P. Burns – Scott Field
    • Dorsey E. Dent – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Myron L. Netzel – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Thomas F. Jackson – Scott Field
    • Arnold R. Jansen – Scott Field
    • Chaplain John E. Hadlay – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Robert K. Gumm – Scott Field
    • Chaplain William C. Hart – Chicago
    • Chaplain Joseph Levenson – Scott Field
    • Chaplain E.V. Fleckles – Detroit
    • Chaplain James T. Bard – Tomah
    • Charles W. Stirek – Tomah
    • Chaplain Arthur P. White – 31st AAFTTD University of Chicago
    • Russell L. Shay – Madison
    • Chaplain Major C. Waldrup – Madison
    • Chaplain Pfeiffer, Theodore – Madison
    • Chaplain Marteney, Charles – Madison
    • Chaplain M.S. Kleinberg – Madison
    • Chaplain Estus Autrey – Chanute
    • Chaplain Theophilis L. Bearse – Chanute Field
    • Chaplain Frank J. Unger – Chanute Field
    • Chaplain Cecil C. Campbell – Chanute Field
    • Chaplain Walter L. Moser – Chanute Field
    • William G. O’Brien – Chanute Field
    • Edwin B. Nylen – Chanute Field
    • Chaplain Edward J. Fitzsimmons – Chanute Field
    • Chaplain Donald C. Means – Chanute Field
    • Chaplain Theophilis L. Bearse
    • Robert H.P. Ross – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Norbert E. Selzler – Sioux Falls
    • Percy C. Clark – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Herbert T. Bernthal – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Carl E. Lindstron – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Lowell S. Thompson – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain McGeehon – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Russell K. Lee – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain E.E. Nelson – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Noman Feldheym – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Glen J. Witerspoon – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain O.V.T. Chamberlain – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Roy F. Reynolds – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Lawrence M. Wolf – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Daniel F. Lenahan – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain William E. Pearson – Scott Field
    • Chaplain James G. Patterson – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Forrest L. Noll – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Edward Bradley – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Philip R. Giles – Scott Field
    • Chaplain Walter L. Oberholtzer – Chicago
    • Chaplain Willis A. Brown – Grand Rapids
    • Chaplain Russell C. Haggard – Grand Rapids
    • Chaplain Alfred T. Johnston – Madison
    • Chaplain Edward F. Maher – Chanute
    • Chaplain Edward Ellenbogen – Chanute
    • Chaplain Field “Wings” March 26, 1943
    • Chaplain Paul F. Ketchum – Chanute
    • Chaplain Saul Kraft – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Albert A. Behnke – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Edward M. Horning – Sioux Falls
    • Chaplain Edwin T. Kraemer – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Chrysostom J. Lewandowski – Madison
    • Chaplain Robert D. Quirk – Madison
    • Chaplain Horace R. Ferking
    • Chaplain Basil J. Kelly
    • Chaplain Arthur L. Hanson
    • Chaplain Charles L. Lack
    • Chaplain Thomas S. Matthews
    • Rabbi Louis Werfel – Jefferson Barracks
    • Chaplain Charles P. White
    • Chaplain W.A. Hunneycutt
    • Chaplain Howard L. Bailey
    • Chaplain Edgar R. West

    Folder 7: Community Biographies: 1972-73

    • Dr. and Mrs. Randall, December 7, 1972
    • Dr. Louis U. Rowland, February 3, 1973
    • Dr. A.M. Chickering, May 3, 1973
    • Betz Family, October 13, 1973
    • Engstroms, March 23, 1974
    • Miss Lotta Rogers, September 21, 1974


    Religion Subseries
    Folder 8: Religious: 1935-1969

    • “Wornout?…A Chapel Mediation” Michigan Christian Advocate, June 27, 1935.
    • Christianity with the individual left in” Michigan Christian Advocate, February 6, 1936.
    • Prouty Shedd, Clarence. “Religion in the College” Journal of Bible and Religion, November 1940.
    • “A pertinent theme for a time like this: Public morale” Michigan Christian Advocate, December 4, 1941.
    • Prouty Shedd, Clarence. “The agencies of religion in higher education” Religious Education, October 1943.
    • “Religion in Europe” Michigan Christian Advocate, August 3, 1950.
    • “College Students and Religion” Michigan Christian Advocate, May 8, 1958. (2 copies)
    • “How can ‘soft’ U.S. recapture greatness?” Detroit Free Press, June 6, 1960.
    • “Religion is like an airplane” Michigan Christian Advocate, August 24, 1967. (2 copies)
    • “Teaching ABOUT religion in the public schools” Michigan Christian Advocate, November 13, 1969. (2 copies)


    Education Subseries
    Folder 9: Educational: 1927-59

    • “Educational research and statistics: A standardized mental test vs. an unstandardized English test as a means of predicting success in college English” School and Society, July 30, 1927
    • Hill, George Edward. “Factors Associated with Delinquency Among Young Male Offenders with Special Emphasis on Educational Backgrounds”.
    • “Activities of College Students” The Phi Delta Kappan, August 1932.
    • “The Effect of College Fraternities on Scholarship” The Journal of Applied Psychology, June 1934.
    • Hill, George E. “Cheating among delinquent boys” July 1934.
    • Hill, George E. “Educational attainments of young male offenders” December 1934.
    • Hill, George E. “Participation in extra-curricular activities among delinquent boys” School Activities: The National Extra-Curricular Magazine, April 1935.
    • “Education for Production and Education for Consumption of Elements of Culture” School and Society, December 7, 1935.
    • Hill, George E. “The ethical knowledge of delinquent and non-delinquent boys” 1935.
    • Hill, George E. “The intelligence of young male offenders” January 1936.
    • “Digest of test uses” Committee of Educational Testing of the American Council on Education, April 1936.
    • Hill, George E. “Defining Goals in the Emphasis on Character Development in the Secondary School” June 1937.
    • “The Curricula of Liberal Arts Colleges” School and Society, June 26, 1937.
    • Hill, George E. “Mental hygiene of the teacher” Educational Administration and Supervision: Including Teacher Training, October 1937. [Associated with the personal letter found in Folder #1 dated January 10, 1938]
    • “Citizens Evaluate their Schools” Schools and Society, June 4, 1938.
    • “Criticism of Recent Criticism of Teacher Training” School and Society, February 25, 1939.
    • “The Field Representative” Journal of Higher Education, June 1940.
    • “Michigan Study of Teacher Education” Educational Administration and Supervision, October 1941.
    • “J. Abner Peddiwell Speaks Again” School and Society, November 22, 1941.
    • “Students Tutor at Albion” Journal of Higher Education, December 1941.
    • “On Going to College” 1942.
    • “Education” Time, March 17, 1952.
    • “A Report on Gifted Children’s Reactions to Arts and Crafts Stimuli” Arts and Activities: The Teacher’s Arts and Crafts Guide, May 1959.

    Folder 10: Educational: 1961-69, n.d.

    • “Western Michigan University Bulletin Placement Office Employment Opportunities” May 8, 1961.
    • “Teachers Preparation as a Part of Liberal Education in a Liberal Arts College” Albion College, May 22, 1962.
    • “The Preparation of Teachers on Liberal Arts College” School and Society, April 17, 1965.
    • “Another College Plan” Albion College, May 17, 1965.
    • “The Name of Progressive Education Taken in Vain” School and Society, February 19, 1966.
    • “Although They’ve Upgraded Education: State Boards Remain Under Attack” Michigan Educational Journal, May 1, 1966.
    • King, David J., Albion College. “A comparison of rote and meaningful learning if connected meaningful material” October 1966.
    • “Michigan Department of Education News Report of State Scholarships, Loans, Grants” March 1968.
    • “A Broadly Representative Bibliography of Materials on Sex Education” Michigan Department of Education, January 1969 (2 copies)
    • “Teacher who changed a community” Michigan Educational Journal, March 1969.
    • Irwin, Manley E. “Activity Programs.”
    • Bader, Edith M. “Methods of Instructions.”
    • Bartlett, Lynn M. “Records and Reports.”


    Psychology Subseries
    Folder 11: Psychology: 1939-c.1971

    • Blakeman, Edward W. “Religious Counseling in a State University” January 1939.
    • Blakeman, Edward W. “Transitional behavior: A Survey of experiments recorded in a recent book” April-June 1939.
    • Olso, Willard C. “Personal and Social Relationships.”
    • Blakeman, Edward W. “A Prospectus” November 11, 1942.
    • “Professional immunity for guidance counselors” Personnel and Guidance Journal, November 1954.
    • Cole, Hamilton, Marquis. “Instructor’s manual for workbook in the psychology of adolescence.”
    • Lowry, Ellsworth. “Worksheets for Arlitt’s Adolescent Psychology.”
    • King, David J. and Richard F. Manegold. “Clinical judgment” 1963.
    • King, David J. and Richard F. Manegold. “Consistency of cardiologist’ prognostic judgment in cases of myocardial infarction” January 15, 1965.
    • King, David J. and Howard J. Walker. “Effect of prompting on the immediate recall of meaningful material practiced under delayed auditory feedback” 1965.
    • King, David J. and Sidney Wolf. “The influence of delayed auditory feedback on immediate and delayed memory” 1965.
    • King, David J. and Richard F. Manegold. “Prognostic judgments of gastroenterologists, medical students and college graduates” 1966.
    • Pardue, Jerry, Willis Whichard, Elizabeth Johnson. “Limiting confidential information in counseling” September 1970.
    • Carter, Thomas. “Early adolescent characteristics, limitations, problems and desirable attitudes” Education, September-October 1971.
    • “William, James.”
    • “Middle adolescent characteristics – Limitations and problems” Education, September-October 1971.
    • “Mental limitations and possibilities of childhood” Education
    • “Wundt, Wilhelm”


    Ethics Subseries
    Folder 12: Ethics: 1928-1933

    • “What college students think with respect to cheating in examination” The Phi Delta Kappan, June 1928.
    • “Cheating as seen by college students” The International Journal of Ethics, April 1929.
    • “Ethical attitudes of 623 men and women” The International Journal of Ethics, April 1933.

    Folder 13: Psychology, Continuing Education: 1942

    • Wolfle, Dael and Edith Sherman Jay. Psychology 256: Abnormal Psychology, 1942.

    Folder 14: Education, Continuing Education: 1934, 1944

    • Richey, Herman G. Education 202A: History of Modern Elementary Education, 1934.
    • Havighurst, Robert J. Education 312: The Growth and Development of School Children, 1944.

    Folder 15: Education, Continuing Education: 1933-34

    • Morrison, Henry C. Education 364: Teaching in the Secondary School, 1933.
    • Sherman, Mandel. Education 322: Psychiatric Problems in Education, 1934.

    Folder 16: Frederick Stanton Paper, 1931

    • “Five Pillars of Educational Psychology: Learning Laws, Economical Learning Methods, Training Transfer, and Influence of Conditions Upon Learning” May 11, 1931.


    Dissertation Subseries
    Folder 17: Statistics: [n.d.] (Bone Growth Study)

    • Table 1 – Norms or Averages in the Three Measurements: Total Ossification, Carpal Quadrilateral and Ossification for Ages Five to Seventeen (2 copies)
    • Ossification Ratio Curves for Boys and Girls 5-17 Years (2 copies)
    • Close-up of Graph (2 copies)
    • X-ray of hand [Bones numbered]
    • Graph including x-ray of average for boys and girls at age seven (2 copies)
    • Graph – Boys, Girls, Median and Mean
    • X-ray of hand [Not labeled]
    • Figure 1 – The Quadrilateral, Figure 2 – The Carpal Bones
    • X-ray of hand [ Numbered with a key and description] (2 copies)
    • Carpals and metacarpals [Names and numbered] (2 copies)
    • Ossification Growth Curves for Boys and Girls (2 copies)

    Folder 18: Dissertation: 1923 (Research #1)

    • Morlock, Ray. “Etiology from the Physician’s Point of View” .
    • “Outline ‘Vital Statistics…’”
    • Carpal measurements for seven year old boys
    • X-ray of wrist [labeled]
    • X-ray of 12 year old girl [labeled]
    • Carter, Thomas. “Skeletal Development as Indicated by Ossification of the Carpal Bones, with Age Averages”.

    Folder 19: Dissertation: 1923 (Research #2)

    • Average Graphs of Boys ages 5-18 years old
    • Average Graphs of Girls ages 5-18 years old

    Folder 20: Dissertation: 1923 (Original Copy)

    • “A Study of Radiographs of the Bones of the Wrist as a Means of Determining Anatomical Age” August 1923

    Folder 21: Dissertation: 1923 (Acid Free Copy)

    • “A Study of Radiographs of the Bones of the Wrist as a Means of Determining Anatomical Age” August 1923


    Miscellaneous Subseries
    Folder 22: Pamphlets and Brochures: 1937-1966

    • “72 Annual Meeting Michigan Schoolmasters’ Club May 7 & 8, 1959” [Notation “Tom Carter as President”]
    • “The Wheel Las Vegas Rotary Club” February 18, 1965
    • “Hoover Dam”
    • A Manual for Public Education in Michigan. Compiled by Gladys I. Griffith and Gerald L. Poor, 1956.
    • Griffith, Gladys I. And Gerald L. Poor. Public Education in Michigan, 1959.
    • “State of Michigan Scholarship Program: A Handbook of purpose, rules, regulations, and procedures for state competitive scholarships 1964-65” June 1, 1964.
    • “State of Michigan Scholarship Program: a Handbook of purposed, rules, regulations and procedures promulgated by the MHEAA for the granting of state competitive scholarships for 1965-66 under the provisions of Act 208 of the Public Acts of 1964” September 10, 1964.
    • “State of Michigan Scholarship Program: A listing of the 1292 1964-65 State of Michigan Scholarship Winners” September 21, 1964.
    • “State Scholarships for the Academic Year and Student Loans for Residents of Michigan” 1965-66 (2 copies)
    • “Michigan’s Special Education Programs for Children who need Extra Help: Childpower Unlimited” Michigan Department of Education, 1969.
    • “Michigan Needs Vocational Technical Education” Michigan Department of Public Instruction.
    • “Review of Educational Research: The Philosophical and Social Framework of Education” American Educational Research Association, February 1961.
    • Voeks, Virginia. “On Becoming an Educated Person: An Orientation to College” 1957.
    • “Survey of Public Schools: Battle Creek – Michigan” Committee on Field Services, Department of Education. The University of Chicago: April 1945.
    • “Teachers of Children Who are Hard of Hearing” U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1959.
    • Elliott, Eugene B. “What Does Research Say? A Statement of the Implications of Educational Research for Teaching in the Elementary School” 1937.
    • “Manual for Public Education in Michigan” Compiled by Gladys I. Griffith and Gerald L. Poor, September 1956.

Unpublished Materials Series

    Religion Subseries
    Folder 23: Chaplain: [n.d.]
    • “The Making of the Military Chaplancy and a Chaplain”
    • “Suggestions to Hospital Chaplains”
    • Carter, Chaplain Colonel Thomas. “The Making of a Military Chaplain.”
    • Carter, Thomas. “The Work and Observations of a Military Chaplain.”


    Sermons Subseries
    Folder 24: Sermons: c. 1945

    • “Understanding Patients in a Convalescent Hospital” January 9, 1945.
    • “Appropriate Sermons to Convalescent Patients” February 5, 1945.
    • “Chaplain’s Message”
    • “A Cure for Cowardice. Psalm 27:13”
    • “Courage”
    • “Faith is a Dynamic”
    • “God is Courteous”
    • “The Liberty Bell Rang for All Men”
    • “A Philosophy of Life for a Time Like This”
    • “Their Task and Ours”
    • “Unafraid of Death, but Afraid of Life”
    • “What the Returnee Soldier has to Offer the Church”
    • “The Veterans Come Home”
    • “Reasons for Faith in the Future of the Returning Veterans”

    Folder 25: Miniature Messages to Military Men: [n.d.]

    • Carter, Thomas M. “Miniature Messages to Military Men”


    Education Subseries
    Folder 26: Educational: 1935-36, [n.d.]

    • Munson, John M. “Some Aspects of One Hundred Years of Public Higher Education in Michigan” Education Conference, Friday, May 1, 1936. Auditorium, University High School.
    • “General Education in the American College” part II, 38th Yearbook of the National Society for the Education Published in 1939.
    • Walker, John E. and Robert L. Scott. “Attitudes of Educators and Elected Officials in Arizona Toward Community Education”.
    • Walker, John E. and Robert L. Scott. “Attitudes Toward Community Education”.
    • Walker, John E. and Alan L. Harris. “Delinquency prevention: Partners – Courts and schools” (2 copies)
    • “The education of American teachers: Suggestions for improvement or chaos?”
    • “How teacher instructions in Michigan assist their off-campus elementary and secondary supervising teachers” Research Committee of the Michigan Association for Student Teaching.
    • “The Kalamazoo Plan and the Beloit Plan.”
    • Borrowman, Merle L. “Liberal Education and the Preparation of Teachers.”
    • “Now See Who is Saying What About Vocational Education”
    • “Practical and academic orientations of liberal arts colleges” (2 copies)
    • “Relation of the United States Employment Service (Uses and its state affiliates with the College Placement Council (CPC) and Local college and university placement agencies)”
    • “Report of visit to Edgewood College representing the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education”
    • Hill, George E. “Vocational experiences and interests of delinquent boys” January 1935.

    Folder 27: Teacher Training: [n.d.]

    • “What is Learned from the Teachers at Mott Relley School”
    • “Report to the Faculty from the Counseling Committee”
    • “A Resume of the Teacher Training at Albion College” (2 copies)
    • “Principles of Teaching: Education 228”
    • “Principles of Education: Basic Bibliography”
    • “Bibliography for Technique of Teaching in the Elementary School”

    Folder 28: Teacher Training: 1960-61, [n.d.]

    • “Junior-Senior High School Class Schedule 1960-61, Second Semester”
    • “Lesson X (Concluded)”
    • “First Grade Reader Lesson Plan for a Day”
    • “Lesson Plan: Home Living”
    • “Suggestions for Student Teachers”
    • Director of Student Teaching. “Those strategic first days and weeks of teaching: Last words”.
    • “A Brief for Supervising Teachers”
    • “History of Education”
    • “Student Teaching Chapters 9-12”

    Folder 29: Psychology: [n.d.]

    • “The Case of Frank”
    • “The comparison of the attitudes of early adolescents with the attitudes of adults with respect to patterns of behavior”
    • “The Directive and Non-Directive Process of Interviewing”
    • “Is heredity or environment most important in the development of the child”
    • “Public morale for a time like this”
    • “A syllabus for a course in educational psychology”


    Miscellaneous Subseries
    Folder 30: Biographical Information

    • Biographical Sketch of Thomas Carter (2 copies)
    • Articles written by T.M. Carter (2 copies)
    • Continuation of article list from 48-65


Box 2

    Miscellaneous Subseries (continued)
    Folder 31: Military Orders: 1942-c.1949
    • Special Orders, January 29, 1942
    • Special Orders #233, August 21, 1945
    • Special Orders #211, September 3, 1945
    • Officers’ Clearance Certificate, October 14, 1945 (2 copies)
    • Special Order #126, December 3, 1947
    • Application for federal employment, February 10, 1949
    • Army Air Forces Medical Statement for Officers
    • Individual 210 Check List (Officers)
    • Officer’s Adjusted Service Rating Form

    Folder 32: Field Work, Statistical Information: 1925-1966

    • (Albion College Students)
    • “A Report of Students at Albion College Who Work as Compared with Those Who Do Not” 1925-26
    • “Average Weekly Distributions of Students’ Time at Albion College”
    • “Albion’s Candidates for Graduate Record Examinations, 1964-1965-1966” Bureau of Institutional Research and Counseling
    • “Ability Levels: Distributions for 1966 Freshman and Changes in Levels, 1963-66.”

    Folder 33: Statistical Information: 1925-1929

    • (Albion College Students)
    • “Percentage by Grades of Various Instructors at Albion College (By Hours)”
    • “Distribution of Grades by Departments, Albion College Mid-First Semester 1928-29”
    • “Distribution of Grades by Classes, Albion College 1928-29”
    • “Grades for First Semester 1927-28, Albion College”
    • “Grades in Liberal Arts Departments, 1928-29”
    • “Comparative Chart Percentage of Grades Given by 36 Albion College Instructors Mid-Semester 1925”
    • “Scores made on psychological test 1928 edition American Council on Education Exams”
    • “Percentage of grades of various instructors at Albion College”
    • “Distribution of grades by classes at Albion College first semester 1927-28”

    Folder 34: Committee of 100: 1964

    • “Committee of 100 June 27, 1964 Agenda”
    • “The Report of the Committee of 100”

    Folder 35: European Study: [n.d.] (Marshall Plan)

    • “We Fly to Europe”
    • Partial collection of a series of diary entries about the trip
    • “Report of the Committee on Politics and Government” June 15, 1950
    • Smith, Gerald W. “The European flying classroom April 10-May 24, 1950”.
    • “The flying classroom: France”
    • “Flying Classroom Experience”
    • “Itinerary: Switzerland”
    • “Itinerary: Italy”
    • “Home and Family: Life in Europe” Michigan Christian Advocate.

Photograph Series

    Folder 36: Photographs [n.d.]
    • Five Photographs taken during an apparent conversation at the Mission San Juan, n.d.
    • One photograph of a man sitting in front of a workshop
    • Three photographs of one of the first x-ray machines [Associated with letter located in Folder #1]

Source: Albion College Archives, 2003 [Downloaded July 3, 2003]

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