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Anne Campbell
Detroit News and Commonwealth Visitor


Anne Campbell contributed daily poems to the Detroit News, she was also close with the Commonwealth. In April 1936, shebegan a long association when she visited the campus to judge a poetry contest and to speak to the boys on “The Breaking Story” injournalism. Captured by the spirit of the school, she returned that fall to begin a series of Poetry Appreciation classes. Although she had to come by train and prepare en route the script for her Sunday morning radio programover WWJ, she maintained her busy schedule for three years and returned on severaloccasions. Of Floyd Starr she wrote in 1957:

Men have seen dreams come true
in brick and stone,
In scenes on canvas, and in
figures carved
In marble; but the dream
that was his own
Saw little children, wary and
half starved,
Transformed into harmonious unity
of mind and spirit.

Source: Keith Fennimore. Faith Made Visible: The History of Floyd Starr and His School. Albion, Michigan: Starr Commonwealth. 1988.

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