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Campbell, Alice, MD
1955-56 Board of Education


A native of Homer, Alice F. Campbell was one of the first women to practice medicine in Albion, serving the community in this capacity for 36 years. Alice lived in Albion from 1925 to 1972, except for her years at medical school. She received her A.B. from Albion College and her M.D. from the University of Michigan in 1933. As a true family physician, she delivered babies at home, saw patients any time of the day or night, and treated their souls as well as their bodies. Along with her almost “around the clock” schedule, Alice was very active in community affairs. She served as an officer of the Calhoun County Medical Society, and held many staff positions at Albion Community Hospital. She was an active member of the Calhoun County Red Cross and Albion’s Professional and Business Women’s Club. She was also a member of the Albion Board of Education and held several offices. Alice worked with local Girl Scouts and served as a trustee and active member of the Presbyterian Church. She was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from Albion College. As a single mother, Alice adopted two daughters and a son, determined to have a family. This was a very bold position in those times.The writer remembers falling as a child and breaking her nose. The good Dr. Campbell instructed me to “come behind her desk” and, without getting up, she took hold of my nose, gave it a good tug and assured me that it was “all better” – and it was. At the writing of this book, Dr. Campbell is still alive, living in Florida.

Source: Albion Public Library, Local History Room

From: Albion AAUW. Some Notable Women of the Albion Area. Albion, Michigan: American Association of University Women. 1998.

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