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Michael J. Bitar
12th Superintendent, 1980-1987

Public School Superintendent +

Biographical Description
Michael J. Bitar came to the Albion district in 1970 from the Hanover-Horton schools, where he had served as high school principal. A native of New Kensington, Pennsylvania, Bitar graduated from Hillsdale College in 1968, and later earned a masters degree from Duquensne University in Pittsburgh.

Bitar soon proved himself to be an exceptionally competent and effective school administrator, and was named superintendent in June 1980. “He is an island of stablitiy in a sea of chaos,” declared one person at the time. Under Bitar’s leadership, the Albion Public Schools became one of the most financially stable districts in the southern Michigan region. “While Bitar is quick to credit the board, district employees and the community at large for their roles, he will remain inevitably linked with the district’sre-emergence. “It is his legacy to Albion,” stated one newspaper account in 1987. Early in his tenure, voters approved a five-mill levy, which restored six-hour school days and extra curricular activities. It would be noted that at age 34, Bitar was hired as Albion’s youngest superintendent. After eight years in the Albion system, he resigned in 1987 to become associate superintendent of the Battle Creek Public Schools. Bitar was followed by Albert Meloy as the new superintendent.

Source: Frank Passic. A History of the Albion Public Schools. Albion, Michigan: E. Weil Publishing Services. 1991.

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