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Social Groups in Albion

Albion Company 1836-1871 Business business
First United Methodist Church 1836 Church religious
First Presbyterian Church 1837 Church religious
Van Atta House 1840-1915 Business business
Western Union Telegraph Company 1842 Communication business
Newburg Mill 1844-1903 Business business
Stone Mill 1845-1916 Business business
Hotel Albion 1845-1930 Business business
St. Johns Catholic Church 1845 Church religious
Hannah’s Exchange and Banking Office 1853-1858 Banking business
Masons, Albion Chapter No.32 1854 fraternal
Masons, Murat Lodge No.14 1854 fraternal
Peabody or Gothic Mill 1854 Business business
Alert Company 1856-1880’s government
Albion Exchange Bank 1858-1894 Banking business
Mayhew and Irwin Exchange Office 1859-1866 Banking business
National Exchange Bank of Albion No. 1544 1865-1885 Banking business
Gale Manufacturing Company 1866-1968 Industry business
German Lutheran Church 1868-1958 Church religious
Ladies Library Association 1870 civic
Peabody Exchange and Deposit Bank 1876-1886 Banking business
Wolcott Union Wind Mill Company 1876-1930(ca) Industry business
White Mill 1876-1974 Business business
Delta Tau Delta 1876 Albion College fraternity
IOOF, Albion Rebekah Lodge 1879 fraternal
Fitch Chapel 1880 (ca) Church religious
J.W. Brant Company 1880 (ca)-1945 Business business
Albion Lumber Company 1880(ca)-1966 Builders business
Red Mill 1883-1913 Business business
Delta Gamma 1883 Albion College fraternity
Grand Army of the Republic 1883 military
IOOF, Calhoun Lodge No. 60 1883 fraternal
Modern Woodmen of America 1883 fraternal
High School News 1884-1885 High School news
Albion Telephone Exchange 1884 Communication business
Albion College Stowell Micrological Society 1885? Albion College academic
Fire Department 1885-1981 City of Albion government
First National Bank of Albion 1885-1905 Banking business
Knights of Pythias, Albion Lodge No.57 1885 fraternal
Knights of Pythias, Apollo Company No.23 1886 fraternal
Sigma Chi 1886 Albion College fraternity
St. James Episcopal Church 1886 Church religious
Alpha Chi Omega 1887 Albion College fraternity
Kappa Alpha Theta 1887 Albion College fraternity
Maccabees, Albion Tent No. 180 1887 fraternal
South Albion Women’s Club 1887 professional
Albion Malleable Iron Company 1888-2002 Industry business
GAR, Women’s Relief Corps 1888 military
Alpha Tau Omega 1889 Albion College fraternity
Degree of Honor 1889 fraternal
Homestead Loan and Building Association 1889 Banking business
Hayes Wheel Company 1890(ca)-1920(ca) Industry business
S.A. Wilder & Son 1890(ca)-1940(ca) Builders business
E.L.T. Club 1890 social
Maccabees, Union Hive No. 9 1890 fraternal
High School Football 1891 High School athletic
Masons, Albion Council No. 57 1891 fraternal
S.A. Wilder & Son 1892-1940(ca) Builders business
Commercial and Savings Bank 1893-1955 Banking business
Order of the Eastern Star 1894 fraternal
Albion State Bank 1895-1931 Banking business
Leisure Hour Club 1895 social
Salem Church 1895 Church religious
20th Century Club 1898 social
Albion College Basketball 1898 Albion College athletic
Entre Nous 1899 social
Ladies Literary Club 1899 civic
High School Track and Field 1900? High School athletic
Union Steel Products Company 1903 Industry business
Albion Physicians 1904 professional
Royal Neighbors of America 1904 fraternal
Albion National Bank 1905-1912 Banking business
Daughters of the American Revolution 1905 civic
Fraternal Order of Eagles 1905 fraternal
Women’s Christian Temperance Union 1905 civic
High School “The Breeze” 1906 High School news
High School Orchestra 1907 High School musical
IOOF, Albion Encampment No. 63 1907 fraternal
Merry Hearts 1909 High School social
Lone Scouts 1910s youth
Knights of Pythias, Pythian Sisters 1910 fraternal
Loyal Order of Moose, Albion Lodge No. 406 1910 fraternal
Bricklayer Union 1911-1931 professional
Business Men’s Association 1911 Business professional
Darrow Boat Company 1912-1951 Industry business
Boosters and Knockers 1913 Business professional
Cement Casket Manufacturing Company 1914-1920(ca) Industry business
Service Caster and Truck Company 1915-1920(ca) Industry business
Alpha Xi Delta 1915 Albion College fraternity
Boy Scouts 1916 youth
Campfire Girls 1916 youth
Student Army Training Corps 1917-1918 Albion College military
Albion Woman’s Club 1917 social
Delta Sigma Phi 1917 Albion College fraternity
Bethel Baptist Church 1918-1929 Church religious
Schumacher Construction 1919-1966 Builders business
Albion Teacher’s Club 1919 Public Schools professional
American Legion 1919 military
Leggett Chapel 1919 Church religious
Parent-Teacher Association 1919 Public Schools civic
American Giants 1920s athletic
High School Band 1920 High School musical
High School Basketball 1920 High School athletic
High School Basketball Girls 1920 High School athletic
American Legion Auxilliary 1921 military
IOOF, Canton Carver No. 44 1921 fraternal
Albion Community Recreation Association 1922 City of Albion government
IOOF, Past Noble Grands 1922 fraternal
Chamber of Commerce 1923 Business professional
Kappa Delta 1923 Albion College fraternity
Albion Spirit 1924 professional
Albion Civic Chorus 1926 musical
Vaughn and Ragsdale Company 1927-1969 Business business
Business Woman’s Association 1927 Business professional
Decker Screw Products Company 1927 Industry business
Tau Kappa Epsilon 1927 Albion College fraternity
Albion Federation of Women’s Clubs 1928 civic
Albion Rotary Club 1928 Business professional
Bohm Theatre 1929 Business business
Albion Pastor’s Association 1930 Church religious
Lonergan Manufacturing Company 1937-1980 Industry business
Panel Boys 1939-1950s Starr Commonwealth youth
Albion College Phi Beta Kappa 1940 Albion College academic
High School Tennis 1941 High School athletic
Albion College Mortar Board 1942 Albion College academic
City Planning Commission 1949 City of Albion government
Chapel in the Woods 1950 Church religious
Corning Glass Works 1950 Industry business
Christ Apostolic Church 1951 Church religious
Albion Historical Society 1955 civic
City Bank and Trust Company, N.A. 1955 Banking business
The Bank of Albion 1956-1974 Banking business
Church of Christ 1959 Church religious
High School Swimming 1962 High School athletic
High School Wrestling 1962 High School athletic
Frontier Days 1965-1966 civic
Festival of the Forks 1967 civic
Peabody Place Senior Public Housing 1967 City of Albion business
Oak Meadows Public Housing 1972 City of Albion business
Chemical Bank 1974 Banking business
Bicentennial Commission 1976 City of Albion civic
Guardian Manufacturing 1978 Industry business
City Human Relations Committee 1980 City of Albion government
Albion Public Safety 1981 City of Albion government
City Economic Development Corporation 1982 City of Albion government
City Tax Increment Finance Authority 1982 City of Albion government
Albion Downtown Incorporated 1985-1988 City of Albion government
City Downtown Development Authority 1988 City of Albion government
City Starr Task Force 1989 City of Albion government
City Vicious Animals Board of Appeals 1990 City of Albion government
City Rental Certification Committee 1993 City of Albion government
Alpha Kappa Alpha 1999 Albion College fraternity
Brown Mill closed 1883 Business business
Trillium Hospital closed 2002 Business business

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